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phpBB Tutorial

phpBB is a widely used popular open source forum board that has been around for a long time, there is an active development community, phpbb development team frequently release new versions of phpbb as well as quick bug fix, it is consider one of the robust, scalable and reliable forum board available today.

Many active online communities are powered by phpbb forum board, ranging from web development, teen talk, online business community to any type of communities that requires a software to help in the online interaction process.

Some phpbb forum board lovers have also contributed back to the open source program by creating phpbb mods (addons or plugins that enhances the forum board functionality), templates etc., some of these has already become a must have addon for phpbb forum board installation.

We have prepare a manual installation guide to help you get started with this forum board, the setup process is quite simple and all you need is a hosting account with php and mysql support, the setup process will guide you through several info filling steps and the rest will be automated.