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setting up a new phpBB style Tutorial

phpBB standard installation come with a subSilver style, a template in blue color theme, you can change the look and feel of your forum board if you do not like the blue theme or you want to customize it to your own website theme. In the phpBB administrator screen, there is a Style Admin section that allows you to add new styles, or customize the current theme .

There are many ready made free phpBB styles available for you to download and install in your forum board, these are mainly contributed by the active phpBB users, and due to the popularity, there are paid phpBB styles available from many other template sellers as well.

Adding a new phpBB style

This process briefly explain the steps of adding a new style to the phpbb board, the process is quite simple :-

  1. First, select a style (you can check out free phpbb styles at official phpBB site) and download the compressed file to your PC
  2. expand the compressed file, and it will expand into a folder with the template files in it
  3. FTP upload the expanded folder into the templates folder in your phpBB folder, for example, public_html/forum/templates/new_style/
  4. Login to your forum administrator screen, and click the Add link in the Style Admin section of the left navigation panel
  5. The new_style will be listed in the screen, click Install link next to the style name to install it
  6. Click Management in the Style Admin section and the new_style is listed

How to use the new style ?

There are two ways, you can set the style to be the default style, where users will be seeing this style when they visit the forum, or leave it as an option for the user to select as the style of their choice in the user profile settings.

To set as default style :-

  1. Login to administrator screen, click Configuration link in the General Admin section of the left navigation panel
  2. Locate the Default Style item in the screen
  3. Select new_style from the drop down box next to the Default Style item
  4. Click Submit button at the bottom of the screen to save the settings
  5. new_style is now the default style for all users in this forum

All installed styles are available for user to select as default style through their own user profile setting, to set the new_style as default style :-

  1. Login as normal user, and click the Profile
  2. In the Profile screen, locate the Board Style item
  3. Select new_style from the drop down box next to the Board Style item
  4. hit Submit and the setting is saved, new_style is now the default style when this user login to the forum