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phpBB installing mods using EasyMOD Tutorial

Manually install phpbb MODs can be time consuming and may require some technical skills to edit the files, EasyMOD is a MOD by itself and it is no doubt a handy tool for performing phpbb MODs installations. We have prepared a small tutorial on how to install MODs using EasyMOD here.

NOTE: installing MODs is changing your phpbb program files, and might introduce database changes, be sure to disable your phpbb board, backup your MySQL database and phpbb program folder before attempt to install anything. This is important as you are creating a restore point for yourself in case anything bad happen during the MOD installation.

Another important point is : Test installing the MOD in an identical test phpbb forum board before attempt installing it directly on to your live phpbb board, there are things bound to happen in installations (MODs might clash with other MODs etc.) and you should minimize these trouble on your live forum by test installing the MOD in an identical environment.

Here are the steps for installing MODs using EasyMOD :-

  1. Download the desired MOD from official MODs database and uncompress it in your PC
  2. Read any documentation seen in the MOD, make sure there is no problem installing it into your current phpbb version
  3. FTP upload the expanded folder and files to your hosting account, place them in the admin/mods/ folder in your phpbb folder (NOTE: each MOD must have it's own folder in the admin/mods/ folder, otherwise EasyMOD will not be able to list them out correctly in the Admin screen)
  4. Login to your phpbb forum administration panel, and click on Install MODs under the MOD Center section in left navigation panel.
  5. Enter the password for EasyMOD (the password you set during EasyMOD installation, or the one in EasyMOD Settings page)
  6. A list of MODs detected in your phpbb forum will be shown, click Process button next to the MOD name you want to install.
  7. Confirm by clicking Next Step button.
  8. EasyMOD will now make the changes accordingly to the MOD's instruction, changes to MySQL database is done if there is a need. (NOTE: if you are reinstalling this MOD and are using the existing database with data, you may want to disable the SQL update option, otherwise it will be run twice !)
  9. Click Complete Installation when done.

After the installation, double check and test the MOD to ensure it is functioning as it should, if there are errors, you may want to quickly restore your phpbb program and mysql database with the backup done just before the installation to bring back your live board, then visit the MODs forum to check on the error.