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Reinstall phpBB forum Tutorial

Reinstall new clean phpbb and use back existing database

NOTE: you should make sure you are reinstalling the same version as your current phpbb forum version, otherwise you may risk loosing your database or data, as different phpbb version may introduce new changes to the database schema.

Backup database and phpbb folder

Before doing anything, backup your database and phpbb program folder, disable the forum board while you are working on this reinstallation to ensure there is no new data not captured in the backup.

Prepare phpbb files

  1. create a new empty mysql database (this is for temporary keeping the empty tables created in this installation)
  2. rename the current phpbb program folder in your hosting account to another name
  3. Download phpbb core program files that is the exact version of your current phpbb forum.
  4. uncompress the file and upload expanded folder to your hosting account, name it to the phpbb program folder you have been using.
  5. enter http://www.yourdomain.com/phpbb/install/install.php to begin the installation
  6. Follow the settings you have set in the old phpbb forum, BUT enter the newly created database name in the installation process, this is IMPORTANT otherwise you will mess up your phpbb database
  7. Follow the installation process exactly like installing a new phpbb board till you have the board setup
  8. install all MODs you have in the old phpbb forum, REMEMBER only install the exact same version otherwise you risk loosing your database
  9. install style or language pack if you have those in your old phpbb forum
  10. ensure everything are setup identical to the old phpbb forum board
  11. When you have everything setup, copy the phpbb/images/avatars folder from old phpbb folder to your new phpbb folder, this folder contains forum user uploaded avatars
  12. copy the config.php from old phpbb folder back to the new phpbb folder
  13. You have now reinstalled your phpbb forum, you can delete the mysql database that was created temporary for this reinstallation.

After the reinstallation and your board is free from error while retrieving data from your database, you should check if there is any new updates for your current phpbb version, if there is, update your phpbb forum to ensure your board is up to date.