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PostNuke modules installation Tutorial

PostNuke is design to be modular and that allows third party modules to extend the function of the core program, there are long list of modules available at the official PostNuke website for your to choose from.


Before decide on a modules for your PostNuke website, be sure to check the popularity of the selected modules, generally the more popular modules tends to get more attention from the module contributor and it is likely to be well maintained, selecting a not so popular may risk loosing the option in future upgrades when the module contributor decide to stop maintaining the module.

Before adding any modules to your live PostNuke website, be sure you have a complete mysql backup and PostNuke program, this is important to protect yourself from loosing the website in case anything went wrong during the module installation.

Installing modules

Installing modules in Postnuke is quite a simple process, just follow steps below and you will have it added in a few clicks :-

  1. Select the desired module from the official Postnuke module site
  2. Uncompress the file and go through the readme file in it, some of the modules may require additional steps to get it function and it is important to understand the proper process of getting it into your PostNule website
  3. FTP upload the expanded module folder and place it under the modules folder in your postnuke program folder (i.e. modules/new_module_name)
  4. Login to your postnuke administration screen, select Modules from the control panel
  5. In the Modules screen, click Regenerate to regenerate the modules listing, the newly uploaded module will appear in the listing after the regeneration
  6. click the Initialize link next to the new module to initialize the module
  7. Click Activate link next to the new module to activate the module in your postnuke website
  8. Done