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PostNuke theme installation Tutorial

PostNuke comes with a Xanthia theme engine, which basically sets the standards for theme developers for theme creation as well as offering a standard interface for users to perform certain degree of modification to the theme. The theme engine is well accepted by the community and there are more choices of contributed theme in the theme database.

To install a xanthia theme, please follow steps below :-

  1. Download the desired theme from the postnuke theme database, be sure it is a xanthia type for this installation steps, there are other theme types that may require different installation steps
  2. Uncompress the file in your computer and FTP upload the expanded folder to your hosting account, place the new theme folder under the themes folder in your Postnuke program folder (i.e. themes/newtheme)
  3. Login to your Postnuke administration screen, click on Xanthia
  4. There is a list of Xanthia compatible themes available in your Postnuke listed, click Add theme next to the new theme name to register the new theme to your Postnuke
  5. After registering your new theme, goto Settings and at the Themes section, select this new theme and click Save Changes to set the theme as default theme to your postnuke website

Note that Xanthia themes are highly configurable, you can check for the configurations for the theme in the Xanthia option.