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Secure Server Certificate

What is SSL cert ?

SSL cert combine security components built into web server and visitor's browser to create a secured communication channel where any data is encrypted before sending between the web server and visitor's browser. Together with the help of a Trusted Certificate Authority to certified the identity of the website owner, visitor's are safe to enter sensitive data on a website form and the data is sent to the correct party.

Where can I get SSL certs ?

There are many ceritiface authority offering digital certs, here are two :-


Please take note there are different rates offer by different certificate authorities. You should look carefully of the ranges of browsers supported and the encryption, that usually makes the price differences.

What do I need when purchasing an SSL cert ?

Basically, you will need to generate a RSA / CSR key (encrypted info with your domain/server and other particulars of your website), the server administrator can help you to generate the key. Once you have the key, proceed on to the Certificate Authority you have chosen to purchase your SSL cert, you will be asked to present the key in the ordering process.

How do I install the SSL cert ?

Once you have gone through the SSL cert odering process at the Certificate Authority, you should be receiving the ssl cert in your email, open a support ticket at the helpdesk and paste in the SSL cert, helpdesk support will then install the SSL cert for you.

Do you have a shared SSL cert ?

Yes, we have installed a cert on each server to be shared among the users, the url will look like the following :-


Please send a helpdesk ticket if you have any questions on getting a SSL cert for your website.