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Simple Machines SMF Forum Mods installation Tutorial

SMF Mods are third party contributed codes, and SMF offer a very user friendly interface for getting these member contributed mods to your SMF forum. Below explain the simple steps :-

  1. Browse the mods database to check on the desired mod for your forum
  2. Decide which mod you are going to use for your forum and download the compressed file to your computer
  3. Login to your SMF forum administration screen, click on Package Manager
  4. Fill up the FTP information, enter the FTP login info to your hosting account here, this is required for the mod installation process
  5. click Browse under Upload a Package and select the compressed mod file you have just downloaded, then click Upload to upload the package to the server
  6. The newly uploaded mod file will then be listed in the Browse Packages section, click Install next to the mod name to install the mod to your forum
  7. Done