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Simple Machines SMF Forum using webinstall Tutorial

Other than the usual way of manually install SMF Forum, SMF has a much automated way of installing the program, it is call webinstall, we will detail out the SMF forum installation process using webinstall below.

Prepare hosting account

Even though this process is much more automated, creating mysql database in your hosting account still need to be domain separately, you should first setup the mysql database in your hosting account and copy down the mysql database connection info for later use :-

Database server: localhost (usually it is localhost if the database resides in the same server as the SMF forum program, unless you are having your mysql database in a remote server)
Database Name: myacctlogin_dbname
Database User: myacctlogin_dbuser
Password: password_set_for_myacctlogin_dbuser

Start the webinstall installation process

Once you have the MySQL database setup in your hosting account, you can proceed on to install the SMF forum :-

  1. Download the webinstall file from SMF site
  2. FTP Upload the file to your hosting account and place the file in the appropriate folder

    Place in public_html if you want to access the new SMF forum board with http://www.yourdomain.com
    Place in public_html/forum/ if you want to access the new forum board with http://www.yourdomain.com/forum/
  3. Enter the URL to start the SMF installation program in your browser http://www.yourdomain.com/forum/webinstall.php
  4. You will be asked to select the SMF version and language, enter the appropriate value and proceed on to next step
  5. You will be asked to enter FTP information, enter the FTP login username and password to your hosting account here so that the program can FTP into your hosting account to make file / folder permission changes as well as creating files, proceed on to next step after entering the correct info
  6. You are required to read and agree to the license agreement, proceed on to next step if you agree to the license
  7. The webinstall program will download the selected SMF version and the language pack, extract and place the files in your hosting account
  8. Once the SMF program is ready in your hosting account, webinstall will prompt you for your database connection information, enter the database connection info you have write down in the create mysql process earlier and hit continue
  9. The installation process now require you to enter an admin user ID and password for the new SMF forum, enter a forum admin user ID of your choice, this user ID will be used to login to configure the forum board, hit continue after entering the desired user ID
  10. Installation program will create the mysql tables, setup the admin user ID and present a status screen to you
  11. You are almost done, if there is no error shown in the status screen, you will be prompted to remove the install.php program from your hosting account, FTP login to your hosting account and remove the file as told
  12. Done, you can now login to your SMF forum with the admin user ID to configure the board