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Beginner Tutorial What is Web Hosting ?

After an overview of World Wide Web, you should have a good basic understanding of how a domain name or a web page is serve from a web server to a web client, you can start to know a little more technical about web hosting.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a technical term used to express the process of storing of web pages to a web server, and maintaining the availability of the web pages at all time so that it never fail to serve a web client's request, remember internet is a network of computers inter linking each other ? these computers can be from any country and they do no usually turn off during night time in that country, and there is always a day time somewhere and people might be using a web browser checking the web pages. Therefore, it is important to keep the web servers running smoothly at all times, this is the responsibility of a good web hosting provider like dotservant.com. ;-)

Although generally webmasters are using services from web hosting provider to host their website, which save them time from all the technical issues of managing a web server etc. There are people that choose to setup their own web server in their office or at home, these people generally have a sound knowledge of managing a web server and computer networking, for other people that do not wish to spend too much time on these technical work and concentrate more on building the website, they will choose to signup a hosting account with a good and responsive web hosting provider, as web hosting providers have experience technical staff looking after all the web servers and network traffic, and there are support helpdesk staff to help you out if there is any technical issue on your hosting account that you are not technical enough to solve on your own.

Is there any difference in every web hosting ?

There are some difference in web hosting, less not talk too technical about the different technical setup of a web hosting plat form (i.e. web hosting setup for a website like yahoo.com or google.com is far different from a small personal website), we will concentrate on the difference in types of popular programming languages and the type of web server that can host website written using these languages. In general, there are two major types of web hosting servers offer by various providers :-

Windows hosting

Microsoft is a big company and there are many products that the company sell to computer users, there are programming language ASP (Active server pages), MSSQL (Microsoft's version of SQL database server), ISS (Microsoft's web server), if you are planning to develop your website using any of these Microsoft product, then you should look at web hosting providers that offers Microsoft Windows Server hosting.

Linux hosting

Linux is an open source operating system and apart from the low cost of ownership, it offers stability and less requirement on resources, therefore it is very popular among web hosting providers, as well as supporting the growth of lots of other products release under the open source license, popular programming language like PHP, SQL database MySQL, Web server Apache are all released under open source license, and all these are popular among web developers, many popular websites are develop using these as the base. If you are planning to follow this route, then you should look for Linux based web hosting providers.

Now you have an understanding of a web hosting, you should know a some tips of selecting a good web hosting provider.