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Free Wordpress Themes

Wordpress widgets ready themes, verified with latest Wordpress release

Wordpress is a popular open source blog program and changing wordpress theme is a fairly simple task, there are lots of wordpress theme available here for you to choose for your wordpress CMS, some of these wordpress themes are gathered from various theme contributors releasing their work to the public, some of theme may have been around for some time (i.e. older version of wordpress) and we have taken the time and initiative to check, verified each of them to ensure they are compatible with the latest version of wordpress releases. We have even come out with our own versions base on the original wordpress theme design for your use, feel free to download and install these freely available wordpress themes to colour up your blog.

We provide support for these free wordpress themes

Though many of the original theme designer does not provide support for the theme that the have released, we do maintain these themes that is listed here, if you encounter any problem using any of the theme downloaded from here, please do let us know and we will fix it right away.

Download your free wordpress themes now

There are over 100 themes available and still adding, below list the main theme design pages, there may be several different design or colour scheme in it that is based on the same design, do check them out thoroughly so that you won't missed anyone that you like.