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Installing Wordpress theme

Wordpress theme allow you to change the look and feel of your wordpress blog without touching the underlying programming code. It is similar to placing a nice looking skin to your computer desktop.

Wordpress official website has a collection of wordpress theme contributed by the Wordpress community, there are many other freely available Wordpress theme at dotservant.com as well as many other websites. Please note that there may be compatibility issues with different versions of Wordpress and theme, as there are likely new features introduced in newer Wordpress versions that is not available in themes build for older wordpress versions. Be sure to double check at the theme author's web page on the status before proceeding on to installation process.

Installing a wordpress theme is a simple process :-

  1. Download the desired theme compressed file
  2. Extract the compressed file and upload the extracted folder and files to wp-content/themes folder in your wordpress website.
  3. Login to your Wordpress Administration Panels
  4. Select Presentation Subpanel
  5. Select the new theme from the Available Themes section to activate the theme

You are required to check through all the Wordpress plugins installed that requires theme modifications, you may need to apply the changes to the new theme as well.