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Using Wordpress to build websites

Wordpress is popular as a blogging platform and thousands of popular blogs are built using WordPress, this number is growing daily. WordPress is slowly extending it's ability beyond a blogging platform towards a powerful content management system, there are different types of websites that you may not know that they are actually powered by WordPress, below are some example of them :-

Popular websites using WordPress

To be able to build a website similar to above, customization work is required and a good understanding of the WordPress coding is essential, PHP and MySQL knowledgebase is a must as the entire WordPress program is built with PHP and MySQL.

Type of website suitable to be built using WordPress

  • Personnel blog
  • Portfolio / Product Showcase
  • E-commerce site
  • Gallery / Photoblog
  • Online News / Magazine
  • Article Libraries

The possibilities may grow as WordPress is in active development, as well as the contributed plugins that are complimenting WordPress, check through the developer documents at wordpress official site to explore the possibilities and power of WordPress.