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ZenCart Tutorial

Zencart is an open source shopping cart system for creating online ecommerce store, it is flexible, easy to setup and is template based, this make it easy to blend the style of the online store to your existing website theme.

You will need a hosting account that support PHP and MySQL database to install zen cart and we have just the right server and hosting account for you to setup zen cart. Below is summary list of features of zencart :-

  • Easy Installation(check our zencart installation guide)
  • Support multiple language, tax, shipping method, currency and payment method
  • Flexible store front, options like require/not register before view product price
  • catalog system support virtual (download) product or physical product, multiple choice (dropdown/radio/checkboxes/text input etc.)
  • customer relationship option like newsletter system, referral tool, gift certificate available
  • Powerful and flexible discount option, across the store, special product/customer group, bulk or category wide etc.
  • Template base design, easily blend the store look and feel