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Installing ZenCart Local Language Tutorial

Like many other popular open source program that offer localizations, you can setup a local language ZenCart store with the help of language packs, these language packs are available at ZenCart language pack download section, most of the popular local languages is available and they are contributed by the ZenCart users.

Installing ZenCart language pack is easy, all you need to do is :-

  1. Download the language pack of your choice from the ZenCart official site
  2. Uncompress the language pack and go through the readme file
  3. upload the files to your ZenCart store

    • includes/languages/(new_language).php
    • includes/languages/(new_language)/*
    • admin/includes/languages/(new_language).php
    • admin/includes/languages/(new_language)/*
    • includes/templates/template_default/buttons/(new_language)/

    Generally, the expanded language pack file should have the directory structure done up properly, all you need is to copy the include folder and the new files/folders will be placed in the proper location in your ZenCart store.
  4. Login to your administration screen and goto Admin >Localization > Languages and click the new language
  5. Fill in the details and the correct directory name (case sensitive) for your new language

  6. NOTE: There are two area that requires the new language files , one is the store front (includes/languages/) and the other is the admin screen (admin/includes/languages/), some language packs may only have prepared the store front language without the language for administrator section, if this is the case for your language pack, you will have to copy the folder and files from the default english language to the administrator new language folder otherwise you will encounter error when access administration screen after you have enabled your local language :-

    In short, copy



    This should setup your administration screen to use english and the store front with your local language.