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Installing ZenCart Template Tutorial

ZenCart has a template system that allows you to customize the look and feel of your store, there are contributed templates available at ZenCart website template download section. Please note that different versions of ZenCart may introduce different format to the template system and you should always choose the template version that is compatible with your current ZenCart version, and be sure that you have selected a template where the contributed template author is responsive on the design support issues as well as keeping the template updated to newer ZenCart versions.

Also note that different template may introduce different changes or new files to the ZenCart system in order to offer more features, you must read through the readme file in the compressed template file and check through the template support thread to get a clear picture of what changes you are expecting when applying this template, if you have other third party addons in your ZenCart store, do cross check to see if there is any conflicting issues with this template.

Before applying the template to your live store, create a temporary store that is identical to your current store, and the apply the template to this temporary store to test out the installation, this can reduce the risk of seeing your store front broken with errors if there is any error.

Before applying the template to your live ZenCart store, make sure you have a complete backup of your store, this is going to save you a lot of work if there is a need to revert back to the original store front half-way through applying the new template.

Below list the generic basic steps to get a contributed template from zencart to your store :-

  1. visit zencart official site, select and download a copy of the compressed template file
  2. uncompress the zip file and go through the readme file thoroughly
  3. after understanding the template author's note, upload the entire expanded template folder (i.e. new_template_name) into


    in your ZenCart store
  4. Login to your ZenCart administration screen, click on Tools menu
  5. Click Tools->Template Selection->Edit, and select the newly uploaded new_template_name from the dropdown menu
  6. Click Update to save this template as default template to your ZenCart store
  7. Done

Please note that there may be some configuration settings required by each individual template, these instructions are generally listed in the readme file (that is you MUST go through the readme file before attempt to do anything), follow the instruction carefully and you will have a new look to your ZenCart store.