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Network Operation Center

All of our servers are housed in a secure data center in Jacksonville, Florida. The data center is strategically selected and carefully chosen, it is equipped with the following features to ensure reliability and minimum interruptions to every services we offer to our clients :-


Data Center is guarded by human security guards 24/7 and access to the facility is only granted to authorized personnel through proximity card access with PIN, plus the second level security check through Biometric (fingerprint access) scanning verification. All activities within the facility are video recorded through hidden Video surveillance cameras throughout the facility, these cameras are monitored by our 24x7 Solution Support Center (SSC); which tracks and records every access throughout the facility. There are motion/vibration detection devices alert data center personnel of any forced entry.

Uninterrupted power supply

Data center is equipped with a redundant, uninterrupted power system and backup generator to ensure power supply is uninterrupted. In the event of a power failure, the isolated UPS system will be able to provide immediate backup power until the slow start diesel power back-up generators are fully started to continue operation of the center. There are procedures in place to regularly perform testing and maintenance of these back-up systems.

Redundant HVAC

Redundant Temperature and humidity control system is in placed to ensure data center temperature is at optimal operating atmosphere. The redundant HVAC system keeps the average temperature in the data center at 70 degrees F (+/- 2), ensuring a consistent operating atmosphere. There are additional sensors in placed to detect variations in humidity and keep the average humidity at 50% (+/-3).

Fire Prevention and Suppression

Data center has a tight measure on fire prevention and suppression, there are smoke detectors, flame/heat detectors, temperature detectors strategically placed through out the data center, monitored through a centralized monitoring system.

Network Connectivity

Multi-layer, redundant configuration to ensure there is no single point-of-failure, redundant Internet access points with minimum of two fiber rings dual-entry points and diverse paths. Multiple network access options (DS-1, DS-3 or OC-X) connectivity with native LAN at 10 Mb, 100 Mb up to gigabit Ethernet connectivity