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1 Common FAQs

A list of commonly ask website hosting questions is listed here, you may be able to find a qucik answer to your question.

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2 Knowledge Base

Check through the Knowledge Base for any website hosting FAQs and some basic Tutorials on web hosting tools. There is also a Quick Start Guide, a Control Panel Guide available for new customers.

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3 HelpDesk System

Create a support ticket in our Helpdesk system if you have any problem on your hosting account, we will take care of it for you.

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4 Client Billing System

Check your hosting account payment status.

5 Use our Contact Forms

Contact us through this forms, please make sure you are using the proper form for your questions to avoid any delay.

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6 Emergency

If all thing fails, send an emergency message to this email emergency [at]

7 Remote Announcement Website

In cases of emergencies, we maintain a remote announcement website to keep everyone updated on what is happening at